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February 3. 2017

Ask Meli! February, 2017

Meli received many, many questions from all over the country!! She was so excited and touched to read through all of the wonderfully written letters, and look at the pictures that some of you drew. She was most excited to know that students enjoy reading, and even better that they enjoy reading her books!

Below are questions sent in from Contessa, Amari, Wyatt, and Kendall from Parkside Elementary in Monroe, WI!

Q: I love your books and like your books! How come you are in the books with Sam and Jessie? ~Contessa

: Thank you, Contessa, for loving and liking my books! Sam and Jessie are my friends, but I only visit them a few times a year. They let me in on all of the adventures they have together. We play a lot! Some of their best adventures happen when I'm there, so we make books about them. And I get to be in the books too!

Q: I love your books! What kind of treats do you eat? ~Amari

: Thank you for loving my books, Amari! I love all kinds of treats. Cantaloupe is definite a favorite, but I also like to munch on baby carrots. And, of course, I LOVE doggie cookies!

Q: I love your books! Are you ever going to be in a book with Orson and Taco? ~Wyatt

: I'm so glad you love the Meli books. I love them too! There are no immediate plans to be in a book with Orson and Taco, but you never know! Maybe someday.

Q: I love your books! How many books are you in? ~Kendall

: Including the Sam and Jessie books, I would have to say about a dozen. But keep a lookout for MORE Meli books coming soon in the new system Irene and her friend, Gay, are working on, Fountas & Pinnell Classroom. Tell your teacher to click here to learn more about that.

Meli would love to know what kind of books you like to read! You can let her know in your letters along with anymore questions, so keep them coming! We will have a new post each month. Please be sure to send them to Meli c/o The Fountas & Pinnell Team, 361 Hanover St., Portsmouth, NH 03801. And don't forget to Tweet your questions to @FountasPinnell with #FPAskMeli.

See you soon!

~Meli and The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy Team

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