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September 3. 2017

What's New on the Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ Social Media Scene

The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ Team has been busy this summer planning some exciting new projects for the new school year that will keep you uplifted, informed, and engaged! Take a look at what's rolling out over the next few months.

NEW Instagram

Follow our new Instagram account @FountasPinnell and check out sneak peeks of new products as soon as they arrive off the presses; behind-the-scene photos from video filmings and photoshoots; photos of classroom organization; and, of course, new Meli photos! This year, keep an eye out for pictures of Taco, from the Leveled Literacy Intervention System Orson and Taco series. It'll be a treat for your students who know Meli and Taco to see what they get up to at home!

NEW Twitter Handle 

Follow the Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ Team on Twitter @FPLiteracyTeam for updates, news, events, and guidance on all of the valuable resources by Fountas and Pinnell. This is the place to get your Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ news or get answers to your questions regarding product release dates, content clarification, technical issues, etc. 

Send us your photos!

Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ resources tend to come with a lot of critical components! Our members are always looking for tips and suggestions on how to organize these valuable pieces so they won't get lost, stolen, or ruined. If you are one of those teachers who has a great organizational system for your Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ resources, send us a picture at Be sure to send us your name and where you're from. The pictures will be reviewed by Fountas and Pinnell and we will post the pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (with your permission)! You can be the envy of your colleagues while helping out a fellow educator who desperately needs your organizational wisdom! 

Our community is growing and we hope you all can take advantage of these great new additions! 

~The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ Team 

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